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When you are visiting our website at BookingRo.Com we might collect information from you. This includes any mobile applications or mobile sites. This information will be used to provide you with a personalised service so that we can always be improving our products.

First party cookies are a type of cookie that have been set in place by the site you are visiting – which in this case is BookingRo.Com. A third party cookie is set by an organisation that doesn’t own the site you are visiting.

We promise not to give the information to third parties or sell it.

Consenting to Cookies

Session cookies do not require your prior consent because they will expire after you have left the homepage. The third party cookies and persistent cookies will require your consent, which is declared by the opt-in function on our website.

Managing Cookies

If you would prefer to turn off cookies and prevent them from being collected by your browser you may do so. Many of the features of the websites will not work, but you will still be able to make basic searches. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings, or change your settings so that you receive notifications whenever cookies are being used. You can also delete the cookies that are already stored in your browser. Take a look at the “Help” section of your browser to find out how to locate these settings.

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