BookingRo’s main purpose is to let the users search their desired hotel at the lowest price with best available deals. Once you find the hotel that you like at the best price just click on to the selected booking site to complete your reservation process.

 How can I search for multiple rooms on BookingRo?

You can easily search for single room, double room or mulitple rooms by clicking on room types. To search for multiple rooms on BookingRo simply select ‘children/groups’ as your room type along with the number of rooms you need and number of people per room. Your desired results will be displayed on the site.

 Do I have to pay for any fees or register to use BookingRo.com?

No, you don’t have to pay or register to use BookingRo. Just simply enter your destination and book your hotel.

 Is it possible to make a hotel reservation on BookingRo?

No, BookingRo.com is a Meta search engine website (price comparison), therefore it is not possible to make a reservation directly through BookingRo.

 What does the hotel price include?

The price listed on BookingRo will include all taxes and fees that can incur while making a reservation through any booking site. To make sure about the prices that are included, double check all the hotel information such as price for breakfast and other facilities when you are being forwarded to the booking site for carrying out the reservation process.

 Are the prices shown on BookingRo per person or per room?

The prices that are shown on BookingRo are the lowest price per night, per each room.

 Is it possible to cancel or change the reservation made through BookingRo?

Since BookingRo is a Meta search engine site (price comparison), it is not possible to make or change a hotel reservation directly. In order to make a change or to cancel your reservation you will have to contact the hotel booking site. The information for the hotel can be found in the confirmation email.

 Is it possible to get in contact with the hotel on BookingRo?

No, it is not possible to get in contact with the hotel through BookingRo. In order to contact the hotel you need to check out the hotel details that can be found on the hotel booking site that you choose to be redirected too.

 How can I see the prices of hotel rooms for my specific travel dates?

You simply just need to enter your desired destination and travel dates into the search field shown on the main page of BookingRo. This will display the current available rates for each hotel in your chosen destination with an option of filtering the results to let you find your ideal hotel at the best price possible.

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